Heartaches & Hangovers Album Review by SCNOW 

We are so honored to have our latest album reviewed by SC Music Guide,

Check it out, Y'all!


"To no one’s surprise that is exactly what the album is about but don’t let that fool you – each song is upbeat and energized. The content is heartbreaking but the music is not. You will love each track one after another as it pulls at the all too familiar heart strings we have all had snipped by a lost lover. 

Bobby Roberts Jr. leads the “Give me more Sax” revolution. His soulful playing is a staple on almost every track and adds another layer of warmth that makes you wonder – why doesn’t every band have a sax player? Despite the sad nature of the lyrics I fell in love with them. Every word hits close to home with anyone that has loved and lost… and drank. Lance Shirley has a voice of his own that effectively matches the content."  - by Jeffrey Yelverton, Aug 8, 2017

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